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My Story

    Years of Nursing patients back to health   

As nurses, our goal is to care for patients in health and out of health. Out of respect for individual rights and autonomy we have been trained to educate patients on all known options and then allow you to decide what you feel is best. The determination of health and wellbeing has to be made on an individual basis because what's right for one person is not going to be right for another.

With that in mind, I decided sitting back on the sidelines during this Covid crisis was not an option. My goal is to provide you with access to a swath of educational resources regarding diseases and available treatment options so that you can decide whats' best for you and your loved ones. No one person has all the answers, and no treatment is one size fits all. 

Understanding ​medicine is complex because you have to learn a whole new language. Once the terms make sense, understanding the literature will become simpler. Education strengthens your ability to navigate within a healthcare system that no longer believes it is our duty to "Do no harm."


This website is meant to be a safe place for scientific inquiry and debate. Without debate we have no science. There will be ideas presented that you agree with, and others you do not. That is ok. Breakthroughs occur when someone is able to look at the data through a whole new lens and see what others have been missing.  

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