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When the Sh*t hits the fan you'll be prepared, not scared.

the ultimate

This list is designed to help you set up a clinic for yourself and those in your circle.

The ultimate medical kit was designed with emergency preparedness in mind. As my eyes were opened to the social and political changes occurring globally, I realized it was important to have everything I would need to feel prepared, not scared. This is the kit I made for my family, and hopefully you can use it to inspire your future emergency preparedness plans. 


I recommend having an inventory list with a locator key that is color coded so that items can easily be located in an emergency. Organize tools and supplies into travel size kits so you can take out what you need and carry it with you to the location you will be rendering aid. Emergency medicine, & basic life support manuals should also be included with your kit to give you guidance.


Practicing regularly in advance will ensure you have the muscle memory needed to handle emergencies. Your kit will contain items that seem unnecessary for you & your family; they have been included so you have the ability to render comfort or aid to others around you.


This is a very robust kit designed to address medical and surgical emergencies that may arise. The contents include items you will need to save lives one day. The caveat to that is, these items must be used properly.


Stay tuned; Our goal is to teach you when, where, how, and why you can use the various items in this kit. I will begin making tutorial videos you can use to practice with as often as you need to feel comfortable. The saying goes, "Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong."


Visit TheSurgeryStudio to view our gallery and learn more about the custom simulators that I make.

Diagnostic tools

  1. Stethoscope

  2. Manual Blood pressure cuff

  3. Automatic blood pressure cuff

  4. Thermometer

  5. Pulse Oximeter

  6. Pen light

  7. Reflex hammer

  8. 1-Glucometer ReliOn

  9. 1-Lancing device

  10. 110-Lancets

  11. 50-Glucometer test strips

  12. Surgical Medical Binocular loupes 2.5x420mm optical glasses with 3W LED headlight lamp + case


Antiseptics for Wound Care

  1. 8-Dove Soap bars

  2. 1- 99% Iopropyl Alcohol Gallon

  3. 1-Hydrogen Peroxide 12% Food Grade Gallon

  4. 1- Honey Gallon

  5. 1-Hibiclens

  6. 4-Providone Iodine Solution 10% 

  7. Providone Iodine Scrub

  8. 1-Johnson & Johnoson baby soap 800ml

  9. 300-Alcohol prep pads

  10. 2-A&D ointment

  11. 2-Triple Antibiotic

  12. 1-Petroleum Jelly 3.53oz

  13. 1-Aloe freeze gel

  14. Sunscreen

  15. Lighter


Bandages & Wound care supplies

  1. 1000-Non Woven Gauze Sponges 2x2

  2. 200-12 ply absorbent surgical sponges 4x4

  3. 200-Cotton Swabs

  4. 774-Assorted Bandages

  5. 48-Gauze stretch bandage roll

  6. 4-Bleed Stop blood clotting powder

  7. 1-Tincture of Benzoin 4oz

  8. 120-Steri strips

  9. 14-Self adhesive bandages 2" x5yds

  10. 3-Clozex emergency laceration closures (can be combined for total closure 3 3/8")

  11. Assorted medical tapes

  12. Bandage scissors

  13. Kerlix

  14. Abdominal dressing pads

  15. Lap sponges

  16. Raytec sponges

  17. Ace bandages, assorted sizes

  18. Tegaderm, assorted sizes


Insect bites

  1. 1-Fire Out pain relief from fire ant stings and bug bites

  2. 1 kit-Bug bite suction tool, poison remover, venom extractor for bug bites, bee/wasp stings, snake bite 

  3. Murphy's Naturals Lemon eucalyptus oil insect repellent spray. Plant based, all natural ingredients


Reproductive Health & Infant care

  1. 3-Pregnancy Test

  2. Prenatal vitamins

  3. Umbilical Cord Clamp

  4. Kelly Clamp

  5. Scissors

  6. Knife

  7. Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida with 24 hygiene filters

  8. Receiving blanket

  9. 1-lanolin nipple cream

  10. 100-Condoms

  11. Spermicide

  12. Diapers

  13. Wipes



  1. LifeVac-Choking rescue device home kit for adults and children



  1. Compressor Nebulizer for Adults & Kids 3pcs masks, 1 mouthpiece

  2. Neti Pot- nasal irrigation wash bottle with Salt packets, for adults and kids

  3. 100-Saline Packets 

  4. Oral Airway Emergency Kit

  5. Nasopharyngeal airway, 6 assorted sizes with lubricant

  6. Ambu bag

  7. Face masks: newborn, infant, pediatric, adult


Medications Antihistamines

  1. 100-Benadryl tabs

  2. Zyrtec

  3. Allegra-24 tabs

  4. Claritin-90 tabs

  5. Nasacort

Medications Pediatrics

  1. Pediatric Tylenol

  2. Pediatric Motrin

  3. Mucinex Pediatric Cold & Flu medicine

  4. Orajel Baby Daytime Night-time cooling gel for teething

  5. Mylicon Gas Relief Drops for Infants and Babies

  6. A&D ointment for diaper rashes

Medications Antacids/Gastrointestinal/Urinary Supplies

  1. 1-Pepcid

  2. Immodium AD

  3. Stool softeners

  4. 28- Colace soft gels

  5. 1-Miralax 45 doses

  6. 1-Preperation H cream

  7. 1-Enema bag

  8. 16-laxative suppositories

  9. 1-Sitz bath for over the toilet

  10. 1-Donut pillow

  11. 1-Uristat Ultra with Cranberry 30 tabs

  12. 1-Foley Catheter

  13. 1-Foley catheter kit with collection bag

  14. 1-Portable urinal 

  15. 14-Unisex Adult diapers -L


Vitamins and OTC Meds Anti-inflammatories

  1. Omega 3

  2. Curcumin

  3. Tamarind-Turmeric


Pain relievers, fever reducers, comfort

  1. 500-Aspirin 325mg

  2. Large electric heating pad 

  3. Microwavable heating pad

  4. Reusable Gel pack for heating and cooling 15"x10" with 2 adjustable straps


Cough, Sore throat

  1. 2-Vicks vapo drops cough relief

  2. 1-Mucinex12 hr 42 tablets

  3. 1-Vicks vapor rub ointment

  4. 24-Manuka Honey Suckers

Vitamins and OTC Meds Immune Builders

  1. Vitamin C

  2. Zinc

  3. Quercetin

  4. Melatonin

  5. NAC

  6. Vitamin D3

  7. Cytokine express

  8. Black cumin seeds

  9. Black cumin seed oil

  10. Knightshyft kit (two week supply of supplements for Covid virus infection)


  1. High fidelity extremity simulator 

  2. BLS Provider Manual 

  3. Emergency Medical training book

  4. Suture like a Surgeon: A Doctors Guide to Surgical Knots & Suturing techniques

  5. Minor Emergencies training book

  6. Suture training  kit

  7. Practice sutures

  8. Variety of needles and thread for suture practice

  9. Syringes with needles to practice injections

  10. Practice kit for wound care

  11. Practice kit for dressing changes

  12. Practice kit for hemorrhage control

  13. Instruction manual: how to use surgical instruments


  1. 1- Tarp 9x12

  2. Surgical Drapes, variety

  3. Surgical gowns

  4. Table drape

  5. Suction tubing

  6. Yankauer suction tip

  7. Portable suction pump-hand operated

  8. Lap sponges

  9. Blue towels

  10. Large Bowl

  11. Small bowl

  12. Kidney basin

  13. Irrigation Container with handle

  14. Small specimen cup

  15. Sharps container

  16. Sutures-variety

  17. 4x4 gauze dressing
  18. 1-Syringe irrigator

  19. Large Bulb suction

  20. 1-Wet Prep kit with sponges

  21. 1-Ioban drape

  22. 4-Tourniquets single handed use

  23. 10-Disposable Tourniquets latex free

  24. 1000- Nitrile exam gloves

  25. 2-Headlamp USB rechargeable 1080 lumen

  26. 2-Razors

  27. 5-Hazardous waste Bags

Surgical Instruments

  1. Needle driver

  2. Mayo Scissors

  3. Metzenbaum Scissors

  4. Metzenbaum scissors curved

  5. Senn Muller Retractor, dull

  6. Forester Sponge Stick

  7. Alice Clamps

  8. Addson Pickups

  9. Tissue Forceps

  10. Ferris Smith's tissue forceps

  11. Hemostat

  12. Kelly Clamps

  13. Army Navy Retractors

  14. Towel Clamps

  15. Non penetrating towel clamps

  16. 1-Skin Stapler 55 preloaded staples with staple remover

  17. Tweezers

  18. Needles-assorted sizes


Temperature control

  1. 10-Mylar thermal blankets

  2. 1-Forever lighter emergency fire starter striker set, metal keychain unlimited waterproof stick

  3. Reusable ice packs

  4. Heating pad


  1. 2-Crutches open arm adult size

  2. 1-Arm sling support strap for collar bone, rotator cuff, & shoulder injury. Adjustable

  3. 1 pair-Left and Right hand and wrist splint

  4. 1-Ankle splint

  5. 1-Cervial neck collar

  6. Gait belt


  1. 15-Transcend Glucose Gel Packs-strawberry flavor. Fast acting 15g dose

  2. 96-The Survival Tabs 8-day emergency food replacement, 25 year shelf life. Mixed flavor

Women's health Care Needs

  1. 24-Boric Acid vaginal suppositories 600mg

  2. 1-Monistat 7 combination pack

  3. Diva Cup size 1

  4. 42-Ultrathin pads super

  5. 1-personal lubricant


  1. 1-Membrane Gravity Water filter 6L, 0.1 Micronfilter, adjustable tree strap

  2. 2- Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets with PA plus (50 tabs per bottle)

  3. 2-Pediatric electrolyte 500ml

  4. 16-Liquid IV-strawberry


  1. Dental Floss

  2. 1-Dentemp loose cap and lost filling repair kit

  3. Iodine Gargle

  4. Orajel analgesic & astringent rinse for toothaches

  5. Toothache pain medication

  6. Red Cross toothache medication kit, natural eugenol oil with cotton pellets, application tweezers


  1. 2-Renu contact lens solution 12oz

  2. Contact lens Container

  3. Transparent eye wash cups for eye cleansing

  4. 2-Emergency eye wash Plum Plus Rinse Sterile saline eyewash solution bottle 500ml

  5. Readers glasses 2.0 Diopters

His Hygeine Kit

  1. Head and Shoulders shampoo conditioner

  2. Old Spice Swagger body wash

  3. Gillete Mach 3 razor

  4. Barbasol shaving cream

  5. Old spice swagger deodorant

  6. Crest toothpaste

  7. Colgate toothbrush

  8. Dentex floss picks

Hers Hygeine Travel Size Kit

  1. Pure Silk razor

  2. Pure silk shaving cream

  3. Dove deodorant

  4. Colgate gargle

  5. Tresemme shampoo 

  6. Tresemme Conditioner

  7. Tresemme hair spray

  8. Dentex dental floss picks

  9. Crest toothpaste

  10. Colgate toothbrush

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