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Get NursEd back to health

I’m new to this whole thing. Blogging, emergency preparedness, attending protests, & freedom fighting. I guess many Americans and others across the globe are being immersed in a crash course on patriotism and preparing for wartime living.

I am not new to fighting for what’s right though. I’ve been in healthcare for over 20 years now and my career began as a response to my unwavering desire to fight for medical freedom.

I’ve fought for my patients rights, my own, and those of my families and friends. I’ve gone to extreme measures to be heard and I’ve been aware of the mounting tyranny that has overtaken the US healthcare system for many years.

Interestingly, the first blog I attempted to write a few years ago was entitled “Healthcare, the newest form of slavery.” My hope was to expose the inner workings of the healthcare system in the hopes that I could ward off the very situation that has become our current reality.

I have fought for legislative change on multiple bills that I knew would destroy the foundation of autonomy in healthcare. Each attempt ended in failure, as I found myself fighting against insurance industry giants, in bed with our government who had no intention of being swayed from their plan.

Many of us have been fighting against the slippery slope of tyranny the industry has been traveling along, and my attempt to impact the trajectory has been focused on exposing the truth and giving people options through transparency and education.

I began building the foundation for a mass exodus from the traditional top down mandates we are accustomed to in medicine by starting The Surgery Studio. This is my education and training facility I finally opened after four long years, located in Richardson, TX.

The first of its kind; is a place for the public to come and learn everything they want to know about the body, through hands on classes. My goal is to teach people how to advocate for themselves by equipping them with the knowledge they need to give informed consent.

As I worked to open the Studio through this ”Pandemic” I found myself trying to pour water onto fires I kept seeing pop up all over. was one of those watering hoses, meant to provide solutions to those who were not comfortable being forced into participating in a clinical trial against their will.

So much censorship is happening that finding the truth has become an exercise in investigative journalism. I‘ve developed habits I never had to have before, like screen shotting, screen recording, emailing links, printing off articles, and saving pdf files of research articles, medical lectures, and news reports. I grab transcripts from youtube videos that I believe will be removed due to the ever evolving tyrannical reign of CEO’s hell bent on annihilating freedom of speech.

Accessing all of this information is imperative for individuals to truly be able to give informed consent. So I’m working as hard as I can to put together a freedom filled library where you can access the truth.

I hope to teach you how to care for yourself so you don’t have to rely on a system that has been bought and paid for by enemies of the truth. Please come back often to check for updates. Visit my web store where I have begun to add products that I believe will protect you and your loved ones during these outrageous times we are living in.

I have partnered with American Frontline Nurses to help our nation fight back, and I will do my best to update you all with blogposts regularly. They won’t always be pretty, but I plan to share information, connect you with other freedom fighters, and help you prepare for what’s coming so you don’t have to be scared.

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